Mrs. Makol, New Delhi

I met Ashish ji by the reference of some old friend. My daughter is suffering from some health issues past 19 years tried many types of medication consulted many doctors all non effective. Ashish ji found severe vastu defect which is the cause of so many issues with his small and easy followable remedies significant changes observed in my daughter in last 3-4 months. Thanks to him for always helping.

Mr. Pawandeep Singh, Punjab

I have gone through the numerology report you created for me and I am so impressed with your work. You put things together beautifully! I scanned over the report and need to focus clearly on each aspect. This is awesome! Have been drawn to numerology for a long time and am grateful to have your professional input and suggestions for balancing the challenges, and everything else. Your predictions and suggestions are very helpful in day to day life. Thank you for helping me out.

Ashish sir is someone who is a very persistent professional in the industry. Some of his suggested specific remedies, changes lead to awakening results. – AK Vats, New Delhi

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